Abortion Recovery

Are you still thinking about an abortion you had? Do you have questions, like, “Am I the only one who feels this way?” or “Is it normal to have doubts about my abortion?” If you’re struggling with negative thoughts and feelings related to a past abortion, you’re not alone.

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Judgment-Free Support!

The Life Choices Center welcomes all women who are pregnant or think they might be pregnant. We are here to help you through your journey and ensure that all your questions are answered in an unbiased, compassionate manner. We aim to provide the highest quality support we can to the women who walk through our doors, that’s why all our services are both no cost and confidential. Whether you’re considering adoption, abortion or parenting, we are here to help guide you through this process in a caring environment.

Pregnancy Testing

If you think you might be pregnant, your first step is to take a pregnancy test. When you are pregnant, your body produces a hormone called hCG, that can be detected by our lab-quality pregnancy tests. These tests can detect the pregnancy hormone as early as 7 days after conception, or 21 to 24 days after the first day of your last period. If taken during that time frame, pregnancy tests are 99% accurate*. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will administer a no cost pregnancy test and discuss your results and options with you!

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STD/STI Referrals

When you’re sexually active, pregnancy is usually your greatest concern. While pregnancy is something to be very concerned about, STD/STIs are equally, if not more, worrisome. You are only at risk for pregnancy about three days per month, during ovulation, but you are at risk for getting an STD every time you have unprotected sex.

It’s important to get tested, even if you aren’t experiencing symptoms because many women will experience no symptoms at all when they are infected. If you or your sexual partner are not experiencing symptoms, but are still infected, you could easily pass the infection on to someone else during unprotected sex. Additionally, leaving an STD/STI unchecked could result in major health issues and even death.

Our center provides referrals for STD/STI testing sites near you. We make it a priority to serve you in anyway we can while keeping your privacy in mind.

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Once a pregnancy is confirmed through a pregnancy test, our friendly, medically trained staff will perform an assessment to determine your eligibility for an ultrasound at no cost to you. A limited obstetrical ultrasound can detect fetal heartbeat, determine how far along you are and an approximate due date, as well as detect the location of the pregnancy. Pregnancies that develop outside of the uterus, known as ectopic pregnancies, can be life threatening and must be addressed immediately.

On average 10% to 20% of pregnancies will result in a miscarriage**. If you have questions, our staff can discuss your options with you!

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This information is intended for general education purposes only and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional and/or medical advice. 


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